Thesis defense on “Multimodal information fusion for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy”.

On the 8th of December, Yihao Li brilliantly defended his PhD thesis entitled “Multimodal information fusion for the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy”.

The referees were:

–          Professor Florence Rossant, specialized in Signal & Image Processing from ISEP (Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris – France

–          Professor Saïd Mahmoudi, specialized in Informatics, Software and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Mons (Belgium)

Yihao, from China, has started 4 years ago as a Master’s student and then PhD student sponsored by the Evired grant under the supervision of Gwenole Quellec, Research Director at Inserm, and the other LaTIM (UBO) team members (Mostafa, Mathieu, Pierre-Henri).

He supported the EviRed program by developing tools to jointly analyse OCTA and wide-field fundus photography based on Evired data.

Additionally, during this time with us, he’s reached the podium 7 times in international AI competitions

Good luck to Yihao for future researches in China and many thanks for the amazing contribution to the EviRed program!

NB: on the picture from the left to the right  : Saïd Mahmoudi, Mostafa El Habib Daho, Yihao Li, Gwenole Quellec, Mathieu Lamard, Pierre-Henri Conze

2022 , ARVO Conference in Denver : Two posters presented during the “AI in the retina” session

During the upcoming ARVO meeting, two posters will be presented by the team working on the EVIRED project. This presentation will take place during the “AI in the retina” session on May 3rd 2022.

  1. “ Multimodal information fusion for the diagnostic of diabetic retinopathy”
  2. “3-D style transfer between structure and flow channels in OCT angiography”


Those posters will present the first works of the AI team of UBO-LATIM and ZEISS, partners in the EVIRED consortium: This major breakthrough research work shows promising results for the future!

Feel free to attend the session and meet the team in Denver