An enthusiastic end of April for EviRed !

Two important events occurred in this end of April 2023:


  • More than 2500 patients have been included so far…. This is a great achievement in the study and the investigator sites are still motivated to increase the patient cohort.14 sites in France are participating actively to the study protocol.


  • Three posters were presented by the LATIM guys during the ARVO 2023 in New Orleans during the poster session, one of the most important international annual congress for ophthalmologists to present the promising results already obtained with  Artificial Intelligence
    • 3-D analysis of multiple OCTA acquisitions for the automated diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.
    • Performance of two ultra-widefield retinal imaging systems for the automatic diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy.
    • Time-aware deep learning models for predicting diabetic retinopathy progression.


Evired is in progress !

Time to meet!

Part of the EVIRED team was able to meet during the Retine en Pratique 2023 congress in Paris.

It was a pleasure to meet: EviRed study coordinators, orthoptists, investigators from all centers around France met with graders and supergraders from the reading center as with the leadership team.*

Evired continues!

* Some of the contributors of the EVIRED project were not present during the photo time.

It’s time to celebrate again!

Happy Birthday EVIRED!

Since 3 years, the whole RHU EviRed team has been working very hard for the success of the project.

We are now half way through with an additional year granted by the ANR.


The consortium members (APHP, ADCIS, EVOLUCARE, LATIM-UBO, UP and Zeiss)  are making significant progress and the 14 investigating sites keep on recruiting and following patients to built one of the largest dataset and to develop the most innovative and powerful algorithms based on AI.


Many thanks to all team members involved in the project… This fantastic journey continues and has the potential to better manage patients all around the world !

The RHU EviRed blows its 2nd candle !

Happy birthday to the RHU EviRed…. We blew the 2nd candle last week.


Since February 2020, the consortium members (APHP, ADCIS, EVOLUCARE, LATIM-UBO, UP and Zeiss)  are working hard to develop the tools and start the first achievements of the project.


Recruitment of the cohort continues, first images have been annotated and first tests for Artificial Intelligence have been done… we continue the adventure to modify the medical care of the patient suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy

Many thanks to each team member involved in the project…