Welcome to 4 new investigator sites in EviRed !

We initiated 4 new investigator sites over the last 6 weeks.

The teams of Prof. Weber (CHU- Nantes),  Dr Bonnin (Fondation Rothschild, Paris) , Dr Gascon ( Clinique Monticelli –Marseille ) and  Prof. Baillif  (CHU –Nice) are now ready to include patients in the EviRed Cohort.

With these new sites, more patient data will be added to the current database, and our recruitment power will be increase. The 10 first initiated investigator sites are still working hard to recruit patients and organize the first M12 follow up visits

Thanks to  all for the accomplished work and welcome on board to the new sites. We are all building  this fantastic and unique EviRed Cohort.

2022 , ARVO Conference in Denver : Two posters presented during the “AI in the retina” session

During the upcoming ARVO meeting, two posters will be presented by the team working on the EVIRED project. This presentation will take place during the “AI in the retina” session on May 3rd 2022.

  1. “ Multimodal information fusion for the diagnostic of diabetic retinopathy”
  2. “3-D style transfer between structure and flow channels in OCT angiography”


Those posters will present the first works of the AI team of UBO-LATIM and ZEISS, partners in the EVIRED consortium: This major breakthrough research work shows promising results for the future!

Feel free to attend the session and meet the team in Denver

The RHU EviRed blows its 2nd candle !

Happy birthday to the RHU EviRed…. We blew the 2nd candle last week.


Since February 2020, the consortium members (APHP, ADCIS, EVOLUCARE, LATIM-UBO, UP and Zeiss)  are working hard to develop the tools and start the first achievements of the project.


Recruitment of the cohort continues, first images have been annotated and first tests for Artificial Intelligence have been done… we continue the adventure to modify the medical care of the patient suffering from Diabetic Retinopathy

Many thanks to each team member involved in the project…

the 1000th patient has just been enrolled in the Evired project!

The 1000th patient has been enrolled on the 14th December 2021.


Since the beginning of the project, ten investigator sites in France have been working hard on the recruitment of the Evired Cohort.

All site initiation visits have been completed under protocol amendment #1 between March and August 2021.

All sites are now activated and recruit patients on a daily basis.


On 14th December, we reached our first recruitment milestone: 1000 patients included in the study.

Many thanks to all team members involved in the project…


Other good news: the recruitment is still ongoing and everyone is focused on making sure the Evired project will be a real success